The Lilac Bloomsday Association presents the 42nd running of the Lilac Bloomsday Run.

  • Sunday, May 6, 2018
  • 12 Kilometers (7.46 miles)
  • Spokane, Washington

Elite Wheelchair Field


2017 Bloomsday
Wheelchair Athlete Biographies
(Current as of 5/4/17)

Pre-race summary: Pre-race summary: Bloomsday is once again host to an intriguing elite wheelchair field. Five U.S athletes from the Rio Paralympic team are headed to Spokane  In addition, a notable group of veterans join a group of younger athletes from ParaSport Spokane to round out the field.


Men's Open  - nine out of the top ten athletes return from 2016.  Josh George (26:45 - 2015) and James Senbeta (27:30 - 2016) own two of the best Bloomsday performances in the last 10 years.  They are joined by a quality field who will hang with them into the hills. 


201 JAMES SENBETA— age 30— Savoy, IL— James returns as defending champ (27:30) and Rio Paralympian to face a defending champ and U.S. teammate.  He has been a Bloomsday regular moving up the field since he first came in 2013.  James has had a successful Spring already placing 11th three weeks ago @ Boston and following it up with a trip to Europe and an 11th place @ the London Marathon.  To illustrate the depth of men’s marathoning worldwide, James 11th place finish in London was only 5 seconds out of first.  Check that video finish out. 

202 JOSH GEORGE — age 33---Champaign, IL---Josh, a four time paralympian returns after a hiatus last year to train in New Zealand and prep for Rio.  He continues to achieve top American status regularly in races worldwide. He placed 3rd in Chicago, 2 seconds out of first, and 3rd in the NYC Marathon last Fall.   This Spring, he is on fire as wel,l placing 6th overall @ the Boston Marathon in an amazing 1:21:47 and 8th in London, 4 seconds out of first.  It’s a wonder how these athletes do back to back marathons and then come to Spokane, but we are glad they do. 


203 LAURENS MOLINA --- age 38— Pavas, Costa Rica— Laurens has been busy on the 2017 marathon circuit as well.  He crossed the line 1st in the LA Marathon,  finished 20th three weeks ago in Boston and then headed to London and managed to place 25th..  Laurens has a 28:52 PR @ Bloomsday.  Good thing he gets in a night early to get some sleep. 


204  DANIEL ROMANCHUK— age 18---Mount Airy, MD---Daniel has continued to draw attention nationally and internationally with eye-catching performances at such a young age.  His inaugural 28:52, 3rd place performance here was only an opening salvo.  Daniel’s went on in 2017 to win @ the Boilermaker in Utica, in addition to a 17th place Chicago Marathon and 15th place in the ‘Big Apple’.  He likewise warmed up this Spring with the best in the world, placing 16th in Boston (1:28:26)  and 20th in London.   I’d say he’s ready.


205 FIDEL ZEPEDA---age 39---Phoenix, Az---Fidel make his return to Bloomsday after an impressive 4th place (31:39) as a rookie.  He’s already posted a 3rd place finish @ the Marathon de los Angeles.  Look for Fidel to negotiate the Bloomsday course in even more impressive fashion now that he knows what he’s in for.   


206 HERMIN GARIC----age 27---Utica, NY---Hermin also turned in an fine opening performance in his rookie Bloomsday attempt, finishing 5th in 32:23.   He continues to show improvement around the country finishing 22nd in the highly competitive NYC Marathon and moving up to 2nd place in the historic Falmouth Road Race in Massachusetts. 


207  ISAIAH RIGO— age 18— Cheney, WA— Isaiah is a member of the ParaSport Spokane team and a Bloomsday veteran.  He posted a personal best 33:32 last year for 3rd in the 52 division.  A change in classification has him competing in the Open Men’s division this year.  Given Isaiah’s tenacity and track speed,  he’ll hold his own against this fine field as well.


208 MACLEAN ATSU DZIDZIENYO— age 29—Accra, Ghana---The Ghanaian duo once again wins the farthest travel award.  Plus,  Maclean continues to improve every year he returns to Spokane (7th pl. 34:37 ‘16).  Maclean regularly posts competitive times throughout Africa racing for the Go Get Them Racing Club.


209 TYLER BYERS— age 34— Denver, CO— Tyler’s times from his youth racing days @ Ferris H.S. continue to set a standard for other athletes to strive for.  After his 8th place (35:11) finish here last year Tyler repeated as the Twin Cities Marathon champ and captured 3rd pl. @ in the Boulder Boulder field.  Tyler’s personal best at Bloomsday is a 2nd place finish in 29:08 at age 19. Wish Tyler a Happy Birthday on race day. 


210 JOSE PULIDO— age 36— Clarkesville, GA— Jose is a welcome Bloomsday regular.  He finished just out of the money last year (9th-35:32).  He has already tuned up w/ a 6th place finish in the LA marathon and finished out the ‘16 season with a 24 place finish @ the highly competitive NYC marathon. 


211 CHRISTIAN CLEMMONS:— age 22--- Christian joins the great tradition of University of Illinois athletes supporting Bloomsday.  He balances his athletic endeavors studying kinesiology and sports psychology with plans to be a coach.  Christian warmed up w/ a 23rd place in Boston two weeks ago and won the Columbus Marathon last Fall.  Welcome to Bloomsday, Christian.


214 RAPHAEL BOTSYO NKEGBE— age 37—Accra, Ghana— Raphael serves as coach, mentor, and president for the Ghanaian based ‘Go Get Them Racing Team’.  He promotes sports programs and encourages other athletes to succeed at athletic endeavors. . Raphael finished 14th @ Bloomsday last year in 40:46.


215 BOB HUNT— age 27— Colbert, WA—Once again Bob has Bloomsday starred on his Spring calendar.  He didn’t quite break the 40 min. (40:47), but he’s intent on putting up a better time. Bob looks to complete his 16th Bloomsday this year.  Look for him to be a lot closer to his 35:21 PR set in 2001.


216 JAMIE FRIEDERICH— age 35 — Chippewa Falls, WI— Unfortunately, Jamie was a last minute scratch after a training crash one week out.  We wish him a fast recover and his return in 2018.


217 MARCELO ORDAZ-CRUZ— age 36— Minneapolis, MN— Last year Marcelo took  8 minutes off his 2015 time.  He continues to serve as an ambassador in his community for all athletes through his support of the Charities Challenge.  We hope he builds on his 16th place @ Peachtree and 18th place @ the Grandma’s Marathon. 


218 DAN MOLITOR— age 40— Ephrata, WA—Dan took 10 min. off his rookie Bloomsday time last spring (46:50).  His hard work and quality PSS coaching is paying off.  Dan tours E. Washington races during the season showing the way for aspiring athletes in smaller communities. 


219 KIPP WESSLEN— age 37----Milwaukie, Or.---Kipp is a Bloomsday rookie and excited to take on the challenge.  He tuned up with a hilly-half-marathon in Portland winning the top spot last Fall.  He is training  through the PSS program from his home in Oregon.  Welcome to Bloomsday, Kipp.


221 KYLE BOCOOK— age 20—Spokane, WA---Kyle makes a return to racing form after showing talent as a young racer.  This is his first opportunity to race Bloomsday and the results will reflect the hard work he has put in and the tenacity that makes his return so special.  He is racing under the ParaSport Spokane banner. 


Women’s Open

— age 25— Urbana, IL—Susannah will be chasing her 4th Bloomsday crown, winning last year in a time of 31:43.  Her hometown credentials are well know having grown up in Tekoa.  Susannah continues to perform on the international racing stage as one of the top Americans.  Recent performances include 3rd place finishes in Boston and London, clocking 1:33 for the marathon distance in Boston.  Susannah continued presence and performances @ Bloomsday serves as a admirable standard to local athletes starting to chase their dreams.    


251 JILL MOORE—age--24  —Savoy, IL—Jill prefers to be on the track but loves coming to Bloomsday.  She is a member of the elite University of Illinois racing team focused on track events from 100m to 800m.  She occasionally even jumps up to the marathon distance finishing 10 in Chicago last Fall.   Jill was 2nd @ Bloomsday last year. 


252 ARIELLE RAUSIN—age 23--- Urbana, IL --- Arielle returns for her 3rd Bloomsday, missing last year due to an injury.  In 2016 she lopped a remarkable 11 min. off her rookie year.  She warmed up w/ an impressive 10th place finish @ Boston this year.  Arielle is also a budding entrepreneur.  She’s contributed to her sport designing racing gloves using a 3D printer.  Check it out in case she needs some venture capital…...


257 Hannah Babalola---28---Lagos, Nigeria---Hannah joins the wonderful African connection to Bloomsday as the first female athlete to compete in the wheelchair division.  Hannah has raced in the US before, including Peachtree, the Boilermaker, and a 1st place last year @ the Kessler Road Run.  We are pleased she decided to add Bloomsday to her calendar. 


Men’s Masters


235 JUAN RIOS— age 52—Houston, TX--- Juan turned tables on his friend Ramiro last year and picked-up the master’s win (34:26).  These two duke it out around the country often pushing each other to better times.  We are glad their paths cross often in Spokane.  Juan warmed up with with a 1st place in the Conoco Rodeo Run.  


236 RAMIRO BERMUDEZ— age 57—Houston, TX.   Both of these Texan friends continue to assure a quality Bloomsday Master’s division.  Ramiro’s 34:47 time last Spring earned him 2nd place.  Ramiro has warmed up for Bloomsday with a Houston Marathon win, so game on again in 2017.


237 ULYSSES ELIJAH— age 60— Atlanta, GA— Ulysses is an official Bloomsday regular making his 4th trip.  He is a proud member of the Shepherd Center athletes from Georgia. He clocked a 42:39 here last Spring. 


238 LUIS BETTS— age 45 — Medical Lake, WA— make it 28!  Luis is as close to a Bloomsday perennial as there is among wheelchair racers.   Luis improved his time last year to 38:51 and intends on getting closer to those top two spots. 


239  JIM HUDEC— age 61— Salmo, British Columbia—Jim has compiled a remarkable 30 Bloomsdays in the wheelchair division.  Imagine what that chair looked like when he first started.  All I have to do is imagine ‘80s running shoes.  He was 5th master last year in 43:05.   Jim just might be the sole athlete on the this perennial list.   


240 EDWIN FIGUEROA— age 46— Commerce, CA— Edwin got his season off to a long-distance start finishing 10th @ the Los Angeles Marathon.  His 46:45 here last year should be in jeopardy now that his is also an accomplished triathlete. 


Men's Junior - the junior division of Bloomsday is unparallelled elsewhere in the country. The influence of ParaSport Spokane and coaches, Teresa Skinner and David Greig produce some of the best young and enthusiastic talent anywhere.  You’ll see that impact first hand Sunday as these upcoming young stars join an already stellar field. 


212 SPENCER KIMBRO— age 16— Moses Lake, WA—Spencer moved up to 10th overall last year.  Not bad for a track racer who has to be dragged off the oval.  His track accomplishments recently earned him an invitation to compete in the Mt. Sac Relays and train at the US Paralympic training center in California.  Rumor has it he’s not ready to climb hills.  I’m not buying it…...this kids way too competitive. 


213  PHILLIP CROFT— age 17---In addition to PSS team, Phillip is a member of the Spokane Valley Christian team as well.  In fact he just broke the 4 minute mile barrier in a meet for the first time.  Maybe Jim Ryan will sign his race singlet.  Phillip debuted at Bloomsday last year with an excellent 37:36.  He apparently is ready to climb and move up in the field. 


223  MICHAEL HOYT— age 18— Spokane, WA— Michael is likewise focused on track this time of year, but it didn’t stop him posting a credible 40:56 in last year’s Bloomsday.  He should bring it home under the 40:00 minute barrier this year having added both strength and speed.  Michael is a proud member of the Mt. Spokane track team as a racer and thrower.   


222 Jackson Atwood— age —13---- Spokane Valley, WA---Jackson is taking on his first Bloomsday.  If other rookie performances from PSS athletes are any indication, he will post a fine time as well.  Jackson is a middle school student @ Green Acres.  He is heading to the Desert Challenge in Arizona as an encore to Bloomsday and his local track season.  Welcome, Jackson


Women’s Junior

254 Elizabeth Floch— age 14 — Valleyford, WA---Elizabeth debuted last year in under an hour in her first Bloomsday (56:15)   Don’t expect that PR to hold up long.   Elizabeth is already receiving invitations to national level track meets for qualifying times she is posting. 


255 Sophie Munter— age —14----Spokane, WA---Sophie is a multi-sport athlete entered in her inaugural Bloomsday.  She also has the distinction of being the first female athlete competing with a disability on the Ferris H. S. track team. 


256  Hannah Dederick— age —14---Spokane Valley, WA---Hannah is also a PSS team member competing in her first Bloomsday.  She has her eyes set on a couple of important track meets this summer including the Mt. Sac Relays.  Hannah plans to take care of business on Doomsday hill first. 




280  SCOTT  STOKES— age 49— Rosewell, GA-- Scott came into Bloomsday 2016 intent on improving.  He did just that taking 15 minutes of his 2015 time and topping the division.  He went on last season representing the Shepherd Center athletes finishing 2nd at the Peachtree Road Race. 


281  JEREMY FINTON— age 37— Canal Winchester, OH.----Ok, expect a battle here.  Jeremy turned the tables on Scott winning Peachtree later in the 2016 racing season.  As a former champ in this division numerous times, he’ll be looking to improve on his 3rd place finish last year approach his Bloomsday PR of 1:17:40. 




270 RAYMOND MARTIN— age 23— Champaign, IL— This two time paralympian, owner of seven medals has been waiting for his first Bloomsday victory.  Expect Ray to take a serious shot at his own PR (33:10).  His recent warm-up simply included a win in his division @ the Boston Marathon and adding the title of World Para Marathon champ two weeks ago in London.  Ray is a proud product of the University of Illinois racing elites. 


271 JORDAN CLYBURN— age 27— Spokane, WA— Jordan tows the line for her 13th Bloomsday. She is a proud ParaSport Spokane team member, participating in multiple sports for the organization. Last year Jordan once again took 4 minutes off her time, the only female in the very competitive ‘52 division.