The Lilac Bloomsday Association presents the 41st running of the Lilac Bloomsday Run.

  • Sunday, May 7, 2017
  • 12 Kilometers (7.46 miles)
  • Spokane, Washington

Elite Wheelchair Field


2016 Bloomsday

Wheelchair Athlete Biographies

(Current as of 4/27)

Pre-race summary: Each year brings intriguing twists when it comes to the wheelchair field. This year the complexion of the field is influenced by the upcoming summer Paralympic Games in Brazil.  Athletes choose races strategically throughout the year, a pattern that seems to hold true for the runner and wheelchair 2016 Bloomsday field. Knowing that fact, it’s amazing Bloomsday welcomes 5 former Paralympians, 12 World Championship athletes, and 6 ParaPan Am athletes. 13 of this year’s Bloomsday athletes have been invited to the USA Track and Field Trials in Charlotte in June!  We hope they all punch tickets to Rio.


We’d be remiss in not saying adios to one of our finest champions, at least as a professional racer.  Santiago Sanz has won his division (Quad -52,) a remarkable 11 times. Bets are on whether or not this tenacious champ can actually step away, but family commitments to his wife and two beautiful children are a compelling motivation. Santi promises to come back to Bloomsday to coach and  maybe even to throw in a race or two. What a great champ!

Men's Open    

205 LAURENS MOLINA --- age 37— Pavas, Costa Rica— Laurens is making a long trip back from the London Marathon, where he placed 12th one week ago (1:38:36.) He’s so enamored with the PNW that he’s bringing his dad along to cheer and check out the sights! Laurens wintered in his Costa Rican home preparing for his European swing, where he broke 45 minutes in a half-marathon in Lisbon. His 28:52 PR set here last year awarded him an impressive 2nd place finish. 


206 JAMES SENBETAage 29— Savoy, IL— Spokane once again welcomes the top performing American wheelchair marathoner. This year it just happens to be a different racer. James is on quite a roll, winning the LA marathon in February, and taking top American times at Boston 2 weeks ago (5th overall - 1:26:19,) and last weekend in London (5th overall - 1:35:24.) In London James chased the best wheelers in the world to the finish line, finishing only 6 seconds out of 1st. James would like nothing better than to add a Bloomsday victory on his way to punching a ticket to Brazil. 


207 SCOTT PARSON— age 56— San Jose, CA—  Scott has a long affiliation with Bloomsday. He appeared as early as 1993, and was crowned champ in 2012 (29:58,) and 2013 (30:18)..  with the Master’s division for a while, but decided he was too young. Scott still regularly wins races in the southern California area, setting a standard that others will be challenged to follow. Maybe he’ll switch to the master’s division again when he starts collecting social security. 


208 TYLER BYERS— age 33— Denver, CO— Tyler returns home to continue his impressive personal history with Bloomsday.. He was 11 in 1993 when he first towed the line, and posted impressive times throughout his Ferris High School years, exemplified by a 30:43 as a 17-year-old in 2001. That gives junior racers something to shoot for and you can bet he wasn’t racing carbon fiber back then.Tyler’s personal best at Bloomsday is a 2nd place finish in 29:08 at age 19. Don’t think he’s finished either. Last fall he won the Twin Cities Marathon.


Men's Open

209 JOSE PULIDO— age 35— Clarkesville, GA— Jose moved up 8 places (over 2015) two weeks ago in Boston, taking 20th place iIn 1:52:54. His extended training and new coach’s influence (Santi S) may be helping him reach a new performance level. Jose  broke into the Bloomsday money with an 8th place finish last year (34:43.)


210 BOB HUNT— age 26— Colbert, WA—Bob has relocated to Spokane and is looking forward to renewing his commitment to his hometown race. He started as an 8-year-old, taking on athletic and outdoor adventures that would challenge any athlete. He first pushed Bloomsday in 2001, and is looking forward to completing his 15th race, missing only one year since 2001. If he doesn’t get his 35:21 PR this year, you can bet it won’t be long. 


211  TREY ROY— age 22----Urbana, IL---- Trey joins this year’s contingent of UI athletes keeping the Bloomsday tradition alive. While he stays focused on track events, he almost broke the 2 hour mark in the Chicago Marathon. Expect a big jump from him as he continues to combine track speed with marathon endurance. Trey finished in 38:34 here last year.


 212 MIGUEL MIJANGOS-VELAZQUEZ— age 31— Oaxaca, Mexico—Miguel returns for a 2nd Bloomsday. Hopefully getting a travel visa will be his biggest challenge because he’s sure to improve on his 18th finish and test the 40 minute standard. Currently Miguel has been racing at home in Mexico, finishing 2nd in his three most recent races.


213 JAMIE FRIEDERICH— age 34 — Chippewa Falls, WI— It’s good to see that the demanding hills didn’t scare Jamie off after his rookie Bloomsday year. He probably has his sights set on jumping up a number of places from last year’s 20th finish now that he knows the course. Jamie has been honing his skills at major marathons, including Grandma’s (22nd) and Chicago (31st.)


214 MARCELO ORDAZ-CRUZ— age 35— Minneapolis, MN— Marcelo makes the trek from the Twin Cities looking to improve on his 54-minute time from last year. He had two 15th places finishes at the highly competitive Boilermaker and Peachtree races, so he should be in line for a Bloomsday PR as well. 


215 DAN MOLITOR— age 39— Ephrata, WA—Dan is looking to improve on his inaugural Bloomsday time of 56:00 last spring. He continues to train under the ParaSport Spokane banner and has had a couple of warm-up events in Eastern Washington to get ready. Look for a big jump. 


216 FIDEL AGUILAR---age 38---Phoenix, Az---Bloomsday welcomes Fidel for the first time. It’s a safe bet  he’ll be prepared because Coach Aaron Gordian will have made sure that all bases are covered. Despite rookie status, Fidel already has a victory at  RnR/Arizona (1:47) and a 6th place in the LA Marathon. 


217 HERMIN GARIC----age 26---Utica, NY---We have back to back rookies with great coaches. Hermin is actually in the field (11 time Div. champ, Santi Sanz,) so he’ll be watching Hermin closely. Hermin’s top recent time placed him 4th @ the prestigious Falmouth Road Race. 


223 MACLEAN ATSU DZIDZIENYO— age 28—Accra, Ghana---The Ghanaian duo makes another global trek to get to one of their favorite races. Maclean already has a half marathon time well under an hour (52:14) and almost broke into the prize money here last year with 10th place at 36:21.


Men's Open

224 RAPHAEL BOTSYO NKEGBE age 36—Accra, Ghana— Raphael is not only an avid competitor but is the most recognizable face of the Ghanaian paralympic athletes. He continues to promote sports programs and mentor younger athletes. Raphael finished right behind his countryman last year in 36:40.



Men’s Masters


235 RAMIRO BERMUDEZ— age 56—Houston, TX.   Ramiro returns a master’s champion, with his victory here in 2015 (35:17.) He appears to be primed to defend, having warmed up with  two 1st place finishes @ the Conoco Rodeo Run and Bayou City classic.    


236 JUAN RIOS— age 51—Houston, TX--- Juan has picked up two 2nd place finishes this spring chasing his fellow Houston master’s competitor. He was only 3 seconds behind Ramiro in the Bayou city race. Juan took 3rd here last year (37:09,) but is capable of taking this race to the line,  making for an interesting master’s finish. 


237 LUIS BETTS— age 44 — Medical Lake, WA— Luis has completed an amazing 27 Bloomsdays, creating his own unique perennial wheelchair division along w/ a fellow Canadian master’s competitor.   Luis will attempt  to improve on his 4th pl. 39:56 finish from last year. 


238 ULYSSES ELIJAH— age 59— Atlanta, GA— Ulysses is one of the dedicated Shepherd Center athletes from Georgia. He returns for his 3rd Bloomsday, hoping to improve on his 38:04 in 2013. Ulysses continues to recruit his fellow S.C. athletes, a positive thing for Bloomsday.


240  JIM HUDEC— age 60— Salmo, British Columbia—He’s back for # 29. For good measure he dropped 3 minutes last year off his 2014 time. Jim first competed in ‘87, and holds a 36-minute. PR. Imagine Jim is looking forward to celebrating his 60th year in special fashion at a race he knows as well as any of the toughest perennials.  


241 EDWIN FIGUEROA— age 45— Commerce, CA— Edwin and Bloomsday go together. Although apparently he’s finding new ways to challenge himself, having recently completed 2 half ironman race (Carlsbad & Hits Tri-series.) He also threw in a 9th place finish @ the LA marathon.  


242 PAUL CLARK— age 58---Paul finally gets to check Bloomsday off his bucket list. He joins the long list of Canadians who add a great element to the wheeler field. Paul has been warming up in past years at local races, taking 1st in a half marathon in the Okanagan. 


Men's Junior


218 SPENCER KIMBRO— age 15— Moses Lake, WA—Spencer’s 37:37 @ last year’s race took a whopping 9 min. off his previous best.   He is one of the many shining stars training with the  ParaSport Spokane team.   Despite his young age he’ll record his 3rd Bloomsday this year and hopes to improve on last years big jump.  If you see a racechair flying in from Moses Lake one of these days, let Spencer draft on your bumper for a bit!


Men's Junior

219  MICHAEL HOYT— age 17— Spokane, WA— Michael is likewise lopping minutes off races of this distance, as well as continuing to develop his track speed. He even participated in the Washington State XC championships, taking 2nd place last year, representing Mt. Spokane HS. ParaSport Spokane has a great eye for athletic talent…..and I guess some pretty decent coaching going on as well. 


220  DANIEL ROMANCHUK— age 17---Mount Airy, MD---Daniel joins Bloomsday as a rookie at the tail end of his junior racing days. He brings some impressive credentials at a young age, having raced a 10 km in 23:00 (Kessler,) and taking 4th place @ the 15km Boilermaker in a deep field. He also has gone the marathon distance in Chicago in 1:43:58.  Welcome to Bloomsday, Daniel. 


 221 DAVID Mikey” LUCAS — age 12---Spokane Valley---If Mikey manages to keep taking 10 minutes off his time every year like he did last, we’ll soon be looking at a future champ. Not to mention that when he is Scott Parsons age, he’ll be working on 50 Bloomsdays. It’s all about personality w/ this PSS athlete. Do yourself a favor and get to know him.  


222  PHILLIP CROFT— age 16---Phillip has been working hard to get to his first Bloomsday start line. Last year surgery got in the way. He certainly has pushed the course more than any rookie, so hopefully his first outing is all he’s dreamt it to be. Phillip has spent the spring training with his high school track team, along with PSS. Count him ready to go. 


Women’s Open

250 SUSANNAH SCARONIage 24— Urbana, IL—Once again Susannah logged more frequent flyer miles than most flight attendants getting to Spokane. She has not forgotten her favorite race is only a short push from her home in Tekoa. Susannah did the Tekoa and Spokane communities proud with a 4th place finish 2 weeks ago at Boston (1:46:53,) following up with a 7th place  last week at the London Marathon. Despite breaking the women’s course record (30:51) last year, Suze settled for 2nd. The stars are not aligning the same way this year.  Expect the hometown favorite to go for her 3rd Bloomsday victory and don’t for a minute think the new record (30:42 - T. McFadden) is safe.  


251 Jill Moore—age--23  —Savoy, IL—Jill is a multi-sport athlete and top notch student at the University of Illinois. Jill missed the UI Bloomsday stop last year, but returns to improve on her 44:44 4th place finish in the women’s division in 2014. Jill can be found on the BB court or in the pool when she isn’t out circling the track or training for a marathon. 


252 ARIELLE RAUSIN—age 22--- Urbana, IL --- Arielle is a member of the UI team from Cape Coral Florida. Don’t think she’s been getting much beach time however, she’s been on the marathon racing circuit, grabbing 11th @  Boston 2 weeks ago, and setting an impressive sub 2hr PR (1:50) @ Grandma’s last summer for a 4th place finish. Arielle comes back for her 3rd shot at Bloomsday. Last year, she took an impressive 11 minutes off her 2014  time. Watch those times fall.   


Women’s Junior

253 Elizabeth Flochage 13 — Valleyford, WA---Elizabeth joins Bloomsday for the first time, making her possibly the youngest female junior to take on the challenge. She has spent most of her racing time on the track, but has every intention of showing she can climb hills as well. 



280  JEREMY FINTON— age 36— Canal Winchester, OH.----Jeremy returns to defend his division title, winning the 51s by 4 minutes last year. He also posted a winning division time at the highly competitive Peachtree road race. Jeremy is coaching some younger athletes he hopes to lure to Bloomsday soon. 


281  ROB MAYBE— age 49— Kelowna, BC— Rob makes Bloomsday a family affair, making the trip the last 15 years from his Canadian home. Rob won his division in 2014 and finished 2nd last year. He brings in tow a training partner and Bloomsday rookie. We’ll see if they are still friends after Doomsday. 


281  SCOTT  STOKES— age 48— Rosewell, GA-- Scott does most of his races locally in Georgia, associating himself with the Shepherd Center well known athletes. Fortunately he keeps Bloomsday on his travel schedule, maybe because he’s a past division champion. Scott won Peachtree last summer but took 3rd here (1:33:30,) a place he probably plans to improve on. 



270 SANTIAGO SANZ— age 34— Albatera, Spain— Santi has won his division (Quad-52) @ Bloomsday a remarkable 11 times. He came to town early to train for number 12. The two young guns chasing him know the master has still got it. Santi holds the division record time of 32:14, an impressive time even in the open men’s category. He also just competed in Boston (2:25,) and London (1:55:28.) Check out his impressions of Spokane on his website: Hope your Spanish is better than mine. 


271 RAYMOND MARTIN— age 21— Champaign, IL— Ray once again took his division a week ago at  the London Marathon, sneaking under the 2 hr. mark. He lowered his time here last year to 33:20, taking 2nd place. Ray will turn his total focus on a trip to Brazil along with numerous UI  teammates. He is a highly successful track athlete even at his young age. We are glad he kept Bloomsday on his calendar in what will clearly be another impressive year.


272  ISAIAH RIGO— age 15— Cheney, WA— Even at  his young age, Isaiah adds quality to this division of athletes who continue to amaze. He is a multi-sport athlete on the ParaSport Spokane team and an established Bloomsday vet already. Last year he once again took 3rd, improving his time to 36:58. He is having a blast along the way, taking in the likes of Doha and Toronto to participate in the World Paralympic Games and Parapan Games last summer. 


273 TALBOT KENNEDY— age---Atlanta, GA---Talbot returns to Spokane to compete in his 2nd Bloomsday.  He’s been a busy man, operating his start-up company focused on designing workout tools for use by athletes to increase personal independence. He’s also been performing well at his home Peachtree race and hopes to improve on his rookie 6th place  finish at  his 1st Bloomsday last year.. 


274 JOSH ROBERTS— age---34----Morris, Alabama---Josh has joined the ParaSport Spokane team, training under Teresa and David.He adds a fresh face to a division of very competitive athletes. Josh has finished as high as 3rd @ Peachtree and is looking forward to becoming a Bloomsday regular.    


275 JORDAN CLYBURN— age 24— Spokane, WA— Jordan tows the line for her 13th Bloomsday. She is a proud ParaSport Spokane team member, participating in multiple sports for the organization. Last year Jordan once again took 4 minutes off her time, the only female in the very competitive ‘52 division.