• Sunday, May 7, 2023
  • 12 Kilometers (7.46 miles)
  • Spokane, Washington
  • 47th Running

Race Weekend Info

Race Day Preparations for Jr. Bloomsday!

Race day is Sunday, April 16.  Here are the things to know for a successful Jr. Bloomsday race experience.

Race Number Pick-Up
Parents will pick-up their child's Jr. Bloomsday materials on Saturday, April 15 from 9AM to 6PM at Spokane Falls Community College.   The location of packet pick-up is the gymnasium in the Student Athletic Center building near the college track (3410 W. Whistalks Way, Spokane, WA) 

Race Number and Security Wristband
There are two important items you will receive on April 15 - - your child's race number (bib) and the Tyvek security wristband.  Printed on your child's race number will be your child's name, the assigned wave start time, and the emergency contact phone number for the parent accompanying the child on race day.  The Tyvek security wristband will be worn by the parent/guardian on his/her wrist on race day.  You will also print on the security band with ball point pen your child's first and last name.  On race monring, you MUST accompany your child to the Start Checkpoint where you child's bib and the parent wrist band will be checked.  If you have more than one child participating, then you will have multiple wristbands.  FOR RACE DAY - - YOU MUST ACCOMPANY YOUR CHILD TO THE START CHECKPOINT.  AT THE START CHECKPOINT, THE CHILD MUST BE WEARING THEIR BIB AND YOU MUST BE WEARING THE TYVEK SECURITY WRISTBAND.  NO BIB; NO WRISTBAND = NO RUN.  

Wave Start Time
You will learn your child's wave start time when you pick up your race number on Friday, April 15.  On your child's race number will be a printed wave start time.  For example:  915AM - 9:30AM.  Wave start times will be assigned from oldest - - 9AM - - to youngest - - 10:15AM.  When you pick up your number, if your schedule reuires a different wave start time, you may tell us.  We have set wave times to control crowding, so if you can keep your original wave start time, we would appreciate this.  Please arrive at SFCC a few minutes prior to your wave start time.  Please also understand that waves for Jr. Bloomsday will go from 9AM to 10:30AM.  If you are late - - no problem - - don't sweat it.  Our start is a SHOW AND GO format.  Your child is checked in and then they are released onto the course at the next available wave.

Remember - - all kids are timed so the wave they are in shouldn't affect their time.

Short term parking is free on Friday and free all day Saturday at SFCC.

The best place to watch your child is at the finish line from the SFCC track grandstands.

Skyhawks Reunion Zone
Your child will finish on the SFCC track.  You will be reunited with your child following their race.  When they finish, they will receive their finisher shirt, Gatorade, and champions lanyard with their Silverwood ticket and other great prizes.  ONLY PARENTS WITH THE TYVEK SECURITY WRITSTBAND will be allowed in the Reunion Zone which is on the track.  The security band MUST have your child's name printed on it. Chaperones will allow you in the zone by showing your band.  Chaperones will allow you out of the zone if you show the security band and the name printed on the security wristband matches the child's name printed on the bib.  

Thank you for participating in Jr. Bloomsday - - Spokane's original kids run!