The Lilac Bloomsday Association presents the 43rd running of the Lilac Bloomsday Run.

  • Sunday, May 3, 2020
  • 12 Kilometers (7.46 miles)
  • Spokane, Washington

Tips for a Successful Race

Here are some great tips for a successful Jr. Bloomsday: 

Runner Number Pick-Up.  You must pick-up your child’s Runner Number on Friday, April 19th at the Avista Stadium (Spokane Indians baseball park) box office.   The address of the box office is 404 N. Havana St., Spokane Valley, WA which is on the grounds of the Spokane Interstate Fairgrounds.  The hours of the box office are 9AM to 6:30PM.   When you receive your child’s Runner Number you will receive very important race day instructions including the time of your child’s wave start assignment.

Race Day.   Jr. Bloomsday will be held on Saturday, April 20th at Avista Stadium (Spokane Indians baseball park).   Races will begin at 9AM and continue through approximately 11:30AM.   Each child running Jr. Bloomsday will receive a wave start assignment.  Wave start assignments will be allocated in 20 minute intervals (for example 10:00AM to 10:20AM).   There will be 40-50 kids in each wave and waves will be released in approximately 2-3 minute intervals.   Your child’s wave start time will be clearly printed on your child’s Runner Number.  Runners will be instructed to ARRIVE at the entrance gate of Avista Stadium for Runner Check-In during their wave start time. It is estimated that runners will begin their race within approximately 10 minutes of leaving the Runner Check-In Zone.  

Wave Start.   The wave start format for Jr. Bloomsday will help keep the race in an orderly flow.   This year, approximately 1,700 kids will participate.  We are thrilled with the popularity of the event, but also want to make sure that all kids are safe, and opportunities exist for a “front of the line” start experience. 

Wristbands.   When you pick up your child’s Runner Number on April 19th, you will receive two wrist bands.   The souvenir wrist band with the Jr. Bloomsday/CHAS logo will be worn by the child.   The other paper/Tyvek wrist band will be worn by the parent/guardian.   Before arriving at Jr. Bloomsday, the parent/guardian will need to write - - with permanent marker - - the name of the child and his/her runner number on their paper wristband.   If you have more than one child participating in Jr. Bloomsday, then you will receive a paper wrist band for each child.   When you arrive at Jr. Bloomsday, the parent must be wearing their wristband and the child must be wearing his/her wristband.  Those wristbands will allow the responsible parent and child into the Runner Check-In Zone for Start processing.   Parent and child must be wearing their wristbands or they will not be allowed to race.   Once inside the Runner Check-In Zone, the responsible parent’s name and phone will be verified for reunion purposes at the end of the race.

**IMPORTANT**:   Parents MUST remain on-site at all times during your child’s participation in Jr. Bloomsday.  Please arrive at Jr. Bloomsday with your cell phone fully charged so that we may contact you if there is a need to do so. 

Information Booth.   If you have questions upon your arrival at Jr. Bloomsday, please go to the Information booth located in the main plaza near the front gate entrance to Avista Stadium.  Our volunteer team will be able to assist you.   Volunteers on race day will be wearing yellow volunteer shirts. 

The Race.   The Jr. Bloomsday Team has constructed a FANTASTIC race course!   The Course is approximately 1.25 miles in distance.   Parents:  please understand that the main part of the race course is closed for spectating.  However, parents can watch their child start and also finish.   Seating is available inside the baseball stadium to watch the finish.   On the Bloomsday website under the Jr. Bloomsday tab, we provide tips for watching the race in the section titled “Tips for a Successful Jr. Bloomsday.”   The course will be staffed with course marshals.   And remember:  the kids finish at home plate on the baseball diamond! 

Best Viewing Locations for Watching Your Child.    The Start Line is a great spot to gather and watch your child begin their race.   Once their wave starts, you are encouraged to go to the “Spectator” Zone, the entrance of which is at the main gate to Avista Stadium.  Once in the Spectator Zone you may grab a seat inside the stadium and watch your child finish.   Just remember, it is important that you then meet your child in the Silverwood Reunion Zone following their race.  

Silverwood Reunion Zone.   After your child finishes, they will be escorted in waves to the Silverwood Reunion Zone.  It is estimated that once your child finishes, they will be arriving in the Reunion Zone in approximately 10-15 minutes.  Only parents wearing a green wristband will be allowed to enter the Reunion Zone.   Within the Reunion Zone, letters of the alphabet will be posted along the fence.  Children will be instructed to stand and wait by the first letter of their last name.  You may meet your child at their designated letter.   Once reunited, you will then walk to the exit where volunteers will make sure that the parent/guardian’s bracelet matches the child’s name and runner number.  Once matched, parent and child will then be allowed to leave the Reunion Zone. 

Results.   Each child will be timed.  Results will be available on the Bloomsday website under the Jr. Bloomsday Results tab. 

T-shirt, Silverwood Ticket, Papa Murphy’s Coupon, Gatorade.   Each finisher of Jr. Bloomsday will receive the finisher shirt, Silverwood ticket, Papa Murphy’s Pizza coupon and Gatorade.  Your child must finish Jr. Bloomsday to receive these prizes.  

Parking.   Free parking is available at the Spokane Interstate Fairgrounds.  You may find the entrances off of Havana Street.

Maps.   On the Bloomsday website under the Jr. Bloomsday Course tab, you will find two maps to assist you for race day.   There is a Stadium/Course Map that shows the lay-out of the Stadium and where you can find the Runner Check-In Zone, the Spectator Zone, the MultiCare Start, the MultiCare Finish, and the Silverwood Reunion Zone.   The second map shows the parking that is available for parents on race day. 

Thank you for participating in Jr. Bloomsday.  On behalf of the entire Bloomsday organization, we are thrilled that you have joined us this year.